Why bother to complete the questionaire, nothing ever happens?

Over time change happens, some things for the better and some for the worse. Things creep up on us and before we know it something is destroyed, or built, and the cry goes up ” it shouldn’t have been allowed”. The 2012 survey is your chance to say how you would like to see Silsden develop over the next few years. With the information you provide the Town Council will draw up the Town Plan, which will in turn be incorporated into the Local Development Framework.

The Local Development Framework

Bradford Council is currently consulting the public on proposals for the Local Development Framework (LDF), a plan to shape the future of housing across the district.

How will it [The Local Development Framework] affect me?

Planning affects aspects of everyone’s lives on a daily basis. It determines where we live, where we go to work, where we do our shopping, where we play, the type, style and location of our housing and how we get around those areas of the built and natural environment that we choose to protect and enhance.


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