The results of the Silsden 2012 Town Survey

2012Survey_cover2012_Silsden_Survey_Results-published2014 This is the online version of the final report which consists of the results of the tick box questions, the Appendix A  (a copy of the questionnaire), and a summary of the open questions.

More detail:

The replies to the open questions (the actual replies)

Open questions replies These are all the open box answers to the questionnaire grouped by open question. These comments are as received.

PLEASE NOTE  there is a link to go directly to answers relating to a particular open question at the bottom of the page (after you open the file).




2 thoughts on “results

  1. Well the people of Silsden understand that the infrastructure in the surrounding area’s is inadequate at present, and will be worse if large numbers of new houses are built.
    Of course Bradford Council will disregard the obvious when making decisions that will effect current residents, not to mention future generations.

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